3 Credible Reasons for Having a Blog on Your Ecommerce Store

As we all know, one main reason for having a blog on an ecommerce store is to drive the traffic. Though Magento is an excellent ecommerce platform having built-in capabilities of adding text and other media content, product page is not a place to explain everything you want. Meanwhile, blog is not just great to add the emotional, colourful and exciting descriptions of the products, but also an ideal place to add some long tail keywords.

However, while building the content on your blog, you must aware that the content is really important to drive the traffic properly or else the blog would just turn into a huge repository of texts like an ancient library. So, after installing a blog onto your ecommerce store, you must also be concerned about the SEO experts who can wisely direct traffic towards conversion.

A blog does a lot more than just the direct functions like driving and directing the traffic. Below mentioned are a few features of blog which helps you survive with your online store:

  1. Raise brand loyalty: Blog is certainly a great place to raise your brand loyalty. But how would you do that? You can tell your customers about the history of your company, current trends in the industry, success stories of customers and also about the products of your stores through a blog. This increases the reader’s interest on your products and also builds a great impression about your company while pushing the readers to read more and buy any product.
  2. Advertising platform: Blog can also serve as a free advertising platform when combined with organic search. As soon as your blog gets enough traffic onto the site, you can think of the advertising campaigns without having to pay for any third party services.   
  3. Promote your brand: Blogs along with the ability to comment and share, promote your brand widely through the social networks. People from various social networks can discuss and share their views regarding the topic through comments. Generally the customers believe the comments made using social networks directly on your page. So, the social plugin that facilitates commenting is something which can be used. When your brand is being discussed in social networks, indirectly your brand is being promoted.

Having a blog is not just enough; you have to keep your audience engaged by posting one or two articles per week. Search engine optimization is one more thing you need to be concerned about. However you are putting in lots of efforts to attain the traffic but a little care about your blog can be a source of conversion and trust in your brand.

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