7 Easiest Ways to Speed up your WordPress Website

Page loading time is certainly an important factor to be considered while designing a website. Even the incredibly patient people may lose their patience when they are in a queue waiting for something for a long time. Waiting for too long makes users get bored or angry and they tend to move to some other place looking for a faster service.

Waiting for a website to load is not a different thing than waiting for something in a line. When it takes too long to load, we are out of the site! So, it’s really a high time for you to enhance the speed of your website; but how would you do that?

Here are a few ways!

1. Choose a good host:

Choosing a good web host makes a great impact on your site speed. We can say that, a good web host is a foundation of where your website runs. So, it’s certainly the first thing to be addressed when you think of enhancing the speed of your website. However, there are innumerable hosting companies out there; make sure you choose the best one.

2. Using Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is nothing but a system of distributed servers that helps you in delivering the web pages or other web resources to the intended users based on their geographical locations. Typically, a CDN copies all the static files which are in use on your website and delivers them to the users.

3. Caching:   

As we all know, caching is the temporary storage of contents like the images, pages or any other files that are used to render your web page to the user. Basically, these contents are stored on the visitor’s local drive as cache so that they can be delivered fast when they are requested again. Caching also happens on the server; though it’s the technical area, there are a few WordPress plugins which help you to manage the caching easily.

4. Minify JavaScript and CSS files:

You might be wondering how minifying CSS and JS files can improve your site speed, but it does! The minifying process actually compresses the original files to the smallest possible sizes which in turn increase the speed at which a browser retrieves the files. YUI Compressor and WP Minify come in handy for you to minify CSS and JavaScript files.

5. Compress the Images:  

Image size matters a lot when it comes to site speed; the fact is that, larger images don’t just contribute to the sluggishness of the website but also consume greater bandwidths. You can make use of WP SmushIt plugin which helps you in reducing the image size without compromising the image quality.

6. Optimize the Database:

In WordPress, almost everything is auto saved; the trackbacks, unwanted revisions, trashed items, ping backs, unapproved comments and so on. Just like a hard drive, WordPress database also gets fragmented at times. But you have WP Optimize plugin using which you can optimize the database and schedule the dates for regular optimization.

7. Choose Appropriate Plugins:

Installing numerous plugins on you website can add a huge amount of junk to the site and its files. So, there’s no point in adding the plugins when you don’t really need them. The best approach is to audit your WordPress plugins; keep the ones which are really necessary to keep your site running, and remove the ones that are not.

These are just a few factors that influence website speed to a great extent and there are lots of other things like site compression, disabling the trackbacks and so on that can improve the website speed. Ultimately, you have to keep in mind that, “faster the service, more will be the audience”.

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