Joomla Kick Starts Update Release Cycle Again with Joomla 3.4

The release strategy of Joomla which was introduced recently highlights the creation of regular updates within the shorter timeframes. This ensures that Joomla is being updated frequently and it has the potential to provide long time support for major version releases. But with a lot of bug fixing issues, the update had been delayed. But now, the development team is set to get the things back on track with the release of Joomla 3.4.   

What are the features that the users can expect from Joomla 3.4? According to the sources, the update is mainly focused on 5 points discussed below. The main purpose of this update is not just to extend Joomla, but to start up the new release cycle while providing the core improvements in Joomla package.

Below mentioned are the key features of new Joomla 3.4:

  1. De-couple weblinks: This is the first step for Joomla in de-coupling. Previously Joomla was known for its outstanding components which actually were not needed for an average user. As these components add some weight to the Joomla package, they would serve the package to make it heavier. Weblinks can be the great example for this; so in Joomla 3.4, com-weblinks and other associated modules will be removed from the installation package while making Joomla a user friendly platform.
  2. Microdata implementation: In Joomla, Microdata was introduced with the release of Joomla 3.2; in 3.4, we can see the features to be continued. Right from the version 3.2, micro data has been available in several core components like com_contact, com_content and others. So, it’s more likely that these features will be added to the components which don’t have it yet. Microdata implementation is very important to keep the content understandable; not just for the users, but also for Google search bot which makes you stand up in the search engines.
  3. Front-end module editing: In Joomla 3.2, you might have noticed that the ‘edit’ icons were appearing in every module when you just log on to the front end; on clicking this, we were redirected to the modification page in the back end. But this will be changed in Joomla 3.4; it would allow users to modify the modules without administrator access. With this change, Joomla can provide limitless control over the site.
  4. Composer integration: Non developers will be of no interest with this feature but there is something to get for developers. It is certainly a huge improvement that helps in managing external dependencies like PHP mailer and Joomla framework. But a normal Joomla user can see nothing with this feature.
  5. No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA: ReCAPTCHA is one of the robust tools available to stop spam activities. It asks users to enter the fiddly numbers or to type some impossible-to-read texts. Though it seems like a challenge, it’s one of the great ways to protect the websites from the spam horrors.

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