Android One- An Emerging Trend in The Mobile Market

22 October 2014

Brisbane: The customers in today’s modern world are on the move and they are using smartphones to access Internet and other applications on the go. While 1.75 billion people around the world already have a smartphone, vast majority of the world’s population over five billion people do not have a smartphone.

Android One is a standard platform created by Google for Android systems. It is mainly focused on people buying their first smartphone because most of the people are only able to make simple voice calls, rather than connecting with their family through a live video chat, using GPS services or searching the web.Many people in the market have no access to the latest Android software and popular applications. Android one is aimed at tackling these problems by closely working with silicon chip makers to share reference designs and make it easier to build phones which are not just easy to use but also affordable.

Features of Android One mobile phones:

These phones will be the first to receive Android L release. So you’ll be able to get all the latest features with up-to-date security patches and peace of mind knowing your stuff is always backed up.

  1. Hardware configuration: Android One mobile device comes with a lot of processing power which allows you to get the information quickly. It’s provided with expandable storage to store all the pictures along with your apps and videos.
  2. Updated camera: It has high quality front and rear facing cameras.  It lets you capture full resolution frames around 30 fps. It offers controlled settings for the sensor, lens and flash.
  3. Material design: It has a new material design interface which give users a 3D appearance. It’s designed with clever engineering which makes your phone run faster and last longer.
  4. Battery settings: It comes with a new battery-saver feature which extends your device’s life by 90 minutes. It also gives you the estimated time left before you need to charge the phone.
  5. Updated notification screen:  With this new feature, you can now view and reply to messages directly from the lock screen. Also, by turning on the priority mode, you can restrict the unwanted notifications. 
  6. Rich user experience: In order to ensure a rich and consistent experience for users, Android One devices will be receiving the latest versions of Android directly from Google. Along with the regular similarities of Android version, some extra customisations have been made which makes it more suitable to low-end hardware.
  7. Additional features: It’s also been added with additional features like dual SIM card facility, replaceable battery and a built-in FM radio. It’s packed with helpful innovations like voice commands.

Google aims to vastly improve the user experience on shared devices at an affordable cost which has been the main reason for the development of Android One mobile phones.

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