Basic Web Site Maintenance

2 July 2012

Brisbane : Getting your site up and running always seems like the biggest step. Unless you have a great deal of resources, it's hard work. You picked what type of site you wanted. Decided what design you wanted. You found your web site's niche. You perfected your content. Now, you're ready to let it do the work for you. However, now you're a site administrator so the success or failure of your site still lay in your hands.

After you take a much-needed break, you'll need to find a regular routine for your site. This may be ten or fifteen minutes a day, it may be an hour or two on the weekend, or every other week. You need to decide what you can and can't do before you set any goals.

Once you know you're schedule, you know what is feasible. Here are some tips on maintaining your web site that can keep your hard work working hard for you.

Regular Content :

Because your web site will rely on the search engines for traffic, you'll need to attract their spiders. This will encourage the engines to visit your site more often. This is done by adding content to your site. The more content you add, the more often engines will visit.

Most webmasters just add a new article or two weekly. It doesn't have to be too long, just concise and informative. You can share news, any interesting events with your company, or even new developments that give your company an advantage.

Avoid Link Errors:

Bad links, also known as broken links, do not work. They can lead your visitor on a bad journey through your web site. Most visitors will go elsewhere if your site isn't generally easy to navigate. You will have competition for your audience and they will likely already have any navigation issues solved. Try to explore all links at least once a month to ensure you aren't frustrating potential customers or a prospective audience with wrong turns and dead ends.

Statistics Do Matter :

Web statistics are provided by most web hosting companies. These serve a greater purpose than to simply show you who is visiting. They can pinpoint what content is most popular. Statistics will show you what keywords or key-phrases are most efficient. Many can even report which country you have the most visitors from. This will help you decide what content to add in the future as well as what specific information visitors seek on your site.

HTML Concerns :

With the growing use of CMS programs, general HTML errors aren't as troublesome as they once were. If you're still running a traditional HTML/CSS web site, you need to keep an eye on your code. Poorly written code will have a tremendous impact on your site's success. The worst factor about coding errors are their subtly. You won't know exactly what is wrong until the serious ordeals arise. You should always utilize any of the tools for web page validation available online. Dreamweaver users can greatly benefit from the Dreamweaver tutorial videos available across the internet.

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