Google Introduces a New Gaming Concept with Games in Motion

25 May 2015

Brisbane: As the technology is continuously growing, Google seems to go along with the growth. Here is an ideal example for it. With a fully featured computer on your wrist, Google is trying to make developers look at Android Wear in a new light by introducing a new gaming concept with an open source project called ‘Games in Motion’. This project is actually a tie-in, which brings all Android wear, Google Fit and Google Play games together while creating an amazing gaming experience on your wrist.    

The game seems like an Android Wear version of the Zombies Run app which uses a story to make you run a bit faster while running. For example, when you are jogging, you may get bored as it is monotonous; so to heat up the things, Games in Motion give you some missions or objectives to complete. This actually motivates you to run an extra mile than the distance you used to run before. As the game is linked to cloud, your running data will also be updated on the cloud. Notifications about the missions will be sent to your phone or any linked device via Android Wear.   

Games in Motion: A whole new experience!

Most of the Android Wear games which currently exist on Play Store rely almost completely on the touchscreen swipes for user interaction but the Games in Motion combine running data and the touchscreen interface to create something new.

Games in Motion certainly create an immersive user experience. With this move, it also hopes to make Android devices more appealing to people. The developers are thinking to build more of such games; we just have to wait and see how they would be received by the users.

Drop a smoke bomb! What’s it?

This game seems to have a lot of actions to be performed like dropping a smoke bomb when you see an enemy in the story plot. The app on your phone records the time taken to run, number of steps and also the distance moved and ties it into your Google Fit profile.

This motion game just pings your Android Wear device and also provides on-screen prompts when you are running. The app triggers the in-game events based on how long have you been running. For instance, if you have run only for some 90 seconds or so, the game tells you that there’s a zombie on your tail; you can drop a smoke bomb when you are being attacked by an enemy and can start running again. 

Tough competition with Apple!

Google is offering this game to the world with a hope that it would be an inspiration for developers to build similar Android games that use multiple form factors to provide users a fun filled and unique experience.

We can say that there is no field without competition; here Google has a very tough competition with Apple as the developers are busy building apps for Apple Watch. This game is sure to excite the iPhone developers as it provides users a wow experience. With this game, the users can also enhance their daily life and can stay active all the day.

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