How Can You Keep Your Social Media Accounts Secure?

16 October 2015

Brisbane: Today, social networking has changed the way we interact with our associates and friends. Those who have their own accounts on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks are highly concerned about the protection against social media threats.

Below mentioned are a few tips following which reduces the risk of hacker attacks.

#1. Install a Detection System

One easy way to keep your social media accounts secure is to install a Detection System that takes care of your sensitive personal data. LogDog can be a good example for detection system.  It’s basically a mobile intrusion detection system for Android that immediately alerts you if any suspicious activity is found on your account; it sends you a message about the unauthorized access attempt. This helps you keep your account locked and also to stop the hackers from impairing your pages.

#2. Take Care about Your Passwords

It’s always better to have a complicated password; your password for social media accounts should look like 7H7aG*4Dqp=1. Nobody would desire to have such a password as it would be really difficult for them to remember such a sophisticated stuff.  You can just imagine the situation where your manager has mailed you an important task and you are struggling to recall the password. LastPass can help you out in such situations. It keeps all your personal information secure and also helps you in creating and remembering your password.

#3. Privacy and security

Every social network will have a tool for its privacy and security where you can manage the timeline, posts and also the access to account. These settings allow you to block users, events and pages. You can also choose the people who can see your stuffs or follow you. It allows you to keep your friends close and enemies at a safer distance; you also have timeline and tagging settings to manage your tags. Facebook also offers an option that alerts you when somebody logs into your account from a new device or a browser.

#4. Security Software

Having an antivirus or security software on all your devices like laptops and smartphones is certainly one of the best ways to keep yourself secure from the online threats. But in order to keep up with the new viruses, you need to make sure that you are using an updated version of Antivirus. Protect your devices from spyware, malware or unsafe applications using an antivirus that include multi-platform protection (Android, Mac and Windows).

#5. Monitoring Company’s Social Accounts

If many people have the access to your company’s social accounts, the chances of your accounts getting compromised are really high. SproutSocial, the robust software helps you in managing social accounts of your business. It brings down the messages of all your profiles into a single stream and also allows you to respond to the customers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.      

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