How VR Technology Can Be Used in Mobile Apps?

18 January 2016

Brisbane: Virtual Reality can be referred to as a simulated environment which imitates physical presence in the real world. In order to experience the world of virtual reality, you need to have a stereoscopic Head Mounted Display (HMD).

Presently, the most advanced HMD available in the market is Oculus Rift. However, it’s not the only device capable of immersing you in the virtual world; there are several other devices like Samsung’s Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Zeiss’s VR One. But all these devices make use of your Android or iOS smartphone to provide you the virtual experiences.

Here are 4 main industries that have adopted VR technology:

  1. Real estate: Last year, a well-known real estate developer called Panoptic Group went on cooperation with Arch Virtual making VR tours in 3D in order to show properties to clients in a whole new way. According to Panoptic group, VR technology is helping them a lot in selling the properties faster. This is because the clients can have a clear idea and feel of how the home is without even visiting it. Panoptic Group makes use of Oculus Rift which connects to a compatible PC; it’s not yet compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Travel industry: VR technology can be of a great help for people in travel industry. Ascape virtual reality app can be a great example which allows the viewers to go on a virtual tour to the biggest cities around the world. The app also helps you in figuring out where you want to go on the next vacation so that you can plan up your sightseeing in advance. All this can easily be achieved with a virtual reality headset and a smartphone. As of now, Ascape is available only on Android and will be releasing soon on iOS as well.
  3. Automotive industry: If you just get into the details of automotive industry, you can notice that companies like Audi and Ford are already using VR technology. They have created a 3D experience which enables the customers check out different car models and customize them even before seeing them in real. This is very handy as it leads to faster decision making on the customers’ part and also the companies can show the new models of cars even before the prototype is made.  While Audi and Ford are using Oculus Rift to power VR programs, Volvo has gone a step ahead and has released an app which makes it possible for customers to take a test drive right from their sofa.
  4. Education: It’s a known fact that the students understand and remember the things easily if they experience it rather than just reading about it. This is the reason for field trips being common in most of the schools. Vessels VR, a virtual reality app which was introduced recently is providing a great VR educational experience about blood circulatory system using Oculus Rift. 

Even though the VR technology has made its way towards mobile apps, still there are no killer VR apps that immerse masses of people into the virtual world. But the technology is growing at a rapid pace; we can certainly see something tremendous very shortly if it continues going at the same pace.

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