Most Alluring and Significant Features of Main eCommerce Platforms

19 February 2015

Brisbane: Every New Year we make plans for future, so in order to synchronize our goals with the recent trends of eCommerce, we would certainly want to know the functionalities we are going to get from the leading eCommerce platforms. Generally the ideas on any new features come from several different sources like competitive analysis, customer requests, logic of platform development, and so on. But the eCommerce platform providers must consider the new commercial tendencies in their products which help them to offer corresponding functionalities to their customers.

2014’s Overview of the features:

A recent analysis revealed that in the previous year, the focus of leading eCommerce platforms was towards different areas of their products. Both Shopify and Magento have most of the features in common; last year they mainly concentrated on the checkout and some product improvements. The main focus of Magento was on security whereas Shopify was concentrating on the creating responsive design. Also, the Prestashop improved its installer for different customer groups.

Few interesting features of major eCommerce platforms:


  • Responsive web design: Responsive design was one of the major tendencies for several eCommerce platforms in the previous year; Magento was not an exception. Its recent version offered a default responsive theme which provided users an opportunity to build responsive websites. Gleaning several modern technologies like jQuery, SaSS/Compas pre-compiler and others, it allowed the users to embrace all the opportunities offered by the rapidly growing mobile commerce space.
  • Checkout improvements: Magento concentrated a lot on improving the checkout process. The improvements include 'bill me later' option, cart refreshments, AJAX based mini shopping and also some PayPal express checkout refinements.


  • Responsive Checkout: At the end of previous year, Shopify introduced responsive checkout offered customers a whole new shopping experience making it frictionless and more effective. It was such a long process that it took almost one year to be launched because of multiple tests and researches on how people buy online.
  • Bitcoins + Coinbase: Two years ago i.e. in 2013, Shopify introduced a concept of bitcoins for the first time. Later at the end of 2014, they also integrated it with international bitcoin wallet- Coinbase. So currently, the store owners of Shopify are able to provide their customers the opportunity to checkout using digital currency which makes them feel secure about their transactions.

Plans for the Future:

Magento 2

In the middle of December 2014, the much awaited Magento 2.0 Dev was released. The new version includes numerous technical advancements. It’s actually a new eCommerce solution rather than saying it as an update. Its responsive themes are based on HTML 5 and uses jQuery as a primary JavaScript library. It allows the merchants to upgrade their Magneto easily and assures compatibility among Magento versions.

Shopify steps offline

Though the information about the next plans of Shopify is pretty scarce, we can certainly assume that they will continue to integrate their online and offline eCommerce solutions in order to offer their clients with an ultimate tool which is capable of handling both physical and commercial stores.

Considering these functionalities and features, we can say that the strategic plans of the revised eCommerce platforms are mostly inspired by internal logic of their development. The platforms are also trying to reflect their intention to figure out some new market niches and get succeeded in the competition.

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