WordPress Plugins - An Aspect of the CMS that Makes it Very Simple

3 July 2013


Brisbane: Setting and managing plugins with WordPress, a feature of the CMS that makes its use very simple.

The success that differentiates WordPress since its initiation is surely due not only to its ease of use, but also to its ability to handle huge amounts of content without affecting performance. All this has been made possible because of a programming end, free of frills and highly customizable.

The motor that is the basis of this CMS, actually, is designed to be lean and fast, which is the code that it is composed and minimized. This does not mean that it is not feature-rich, far from it. The policy underlying the programming is to let each user to extend the core of the engine with extra features depending on their needs. This makes sure the lightness of the platform, which are the portions of code that may be unused.

To expand the base engine with custom functionality, we use the Plugin. It is additional software that performs well-defined functions and can be installed/ uninstalled at any time.

The management of the Plugin in WordPress is by means of the panel of the same name reached from the side menu of the back end.

Generally, during the installation of WordPress, two Plugins are installed by default. The first named as Akismet, (This plugin serves to protect the site from the comments and trackback spam and is no longer used by the community of WordPress). The second is called Hello Dolly and can be considered as some of the cutest Plugin: in practice, if enabled displays in the upper right corner on the back end.

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