UI/UX Trends That Every Designer Must Know

The user interface is really an important thing that can be the main reason for the success or failure of a website or an application. If your potential customer finds that your site’s navigation is confusing, it’s more likely for them to leave your site or app even if you provide the best service or the product.  User interface is said to be great if it is perfectly balanced with looks and ease of use.

Below mentioned are a few UI/UX trends running today:

Syncing Over Multiple Devices

  • Today, it’s pretty common to start an action on a device and finishing it on the other. People use different devices every day; so it’s really important that your app or the website must look the same on all the devices.
  • We also have responsive design to make your website or app responsive on all the devices. But responsive design has become a norm rather than a feature to adapt and display the content on all the devices.


  • Time is really a concern when it comes to a website or an app. In today’s fast moving world, people don’t have time to deal with unnecessary UI elements which slows down the users. It’s really a good idea to provide links to everything if the app is not structured as a single page. This actually helps the users to complete their actions fast and ensure a great UX.
  • Whenever a user gets into a website, the key concern for him/her is the content. So the interface must be very neat with no clutters and unnecessary elements. The main aim of most of the designers is to reduce the extra element leaving the important ones.
  • Removing unnecessary UI elements reduces the weight they have on the view and also helps the user to perform their actions quickly. The actions that are less important can be placed under main navigation and grouped in a sequence.

Make it Visually Appealing

  • Content: As said above, content is the main thing that the user looks when they get into a website. Content presentation is said to be the best if it is clear and minimalistic. Most important contents should be given the high prominence while disregarding the irrelevant elements.
  • Colour: Choose an attractive colour and contrast it in the interface design; especially while separating the content from the navigation. Make sure that the entire user interface is clear and contrasting to ensure the best user experience (UX) on the website.
  • Animation: Animation in the UI is something that gives us an idea of how the things move in the real world. All the UI elements must respond dynamically when the user tries to interact with it. Animation is very important in today’s modern web as the UI design will mostly be flat and it can give life to some elements in the design.

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